Anti queer imagery on 

Apparently the mods on m.s don't have a problem with this kind of content (CW: Anti queer image)

Reported 3 days ago.


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Anti queer imagery on, sarcasm 

@admin2 Actively allowing shit people to keep their platform? Nooooo

Anti queer imagery on, sarcasm 

@synthgal @admin2 true, but also like. the account has been disabled. so, it was moderated.

Anti queer imagery on, sarcasm 

@tyr @admin2 hooray, after four damn days

re: Anti queer imagery on 

@admin2 did a bit of scrolling and don't worry, there's also racist imagery:

(cw: racist imagery)

Anti queer imagery on 

@admin2 not the first post/time this user's been reported for either.

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