[01:47 Uhr 10.10.] 01:48 We are done for the day & the Infopoint is no longer reachable by phone. It has been a long day for us but we are grateful for everyone of you. It was such a powerful day of resistance. We hope most of you got home safe & our thoughts are with the prisoners

[01:39 Uhr 10.10.] 01:38 If any of you want to support those of us who have been arrested doing the demo, drop by the Gesa Support at Tempelhofer Damm.

[01:25 Uhr 10.10.] 01:22 This is not verified information yet, but at the moment we assume that people taken captive at the demonstration will be brought to Abschnitt 15 at Eberswalderstraße 6-9.

[00:44 Uhr 10.10.] 00:42 We are hearing about more arrests. Please take care of each other and get home safe. If you still have capacities support the captives when they get out

[00:36 Uhr 10.10.] 00:30 Demonstration legally terminated. Cops don't seem willing to let people go. Stay safe.

[00:17 Uhr 10.10.] 00:15 The demonstration has entered Kastanienallee.

[23:55 Uhr 09.10.] 23:51 Demonstration is still going on. Fireworks from Linie 206.

[23:39 Uhr 09.10.] 23:35 Cops are brutally attacking the demonstration again. Leave our comrades alone you pigs!

[23:23 Uhr 09.10.] 23:20 The cops identifiable by their numbers were exchanged by those not identifiable again. The intention can only be to prepare more police violence. But we will not be intimidated.

[23:19 Uhr 09.10.] 23:18 Apparently some people lighted up the barricades on Rosenthalerstr to warm our hearts.

[23:07 Uhr 09.10.] 23:05 Our fronttranspi has been stolen by the cops. Usually they're not so interested in transparency.

[23:02 Uhr 09.10.] 23:01 Apparently there are things on the streets and the cops are using this as a pretext to stop our demo.

[22:46 Uhr 09.10.] 22:44 We're here. We're queer. We're feminists, don't mess with us!

[22:43 Uhr 09.10.] 22:41 We hear people are starting to build barricades on Torstr. We will shut down the city tonight!

[22:21 Uhr 09.10.] 22:20 Demonstration has reached Rosa-Luxemburg Platz.

[22:08 Uhr 09.10.] 22:08 The backend of our demonstration has been cut off from the front. Stay safe and take care of each other.

[21:58 Uhr 09.10.] 21:54 The demonstration is walking again. Let's keep the powerful drive from before.

[21:51 Uhr 09.10.] 21:48 The demonstrations is huge. Thank you all so much for coming out on this rainy evening to show your anger for a city governed by capital interest and your love for queerfeminism.

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