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Thinking about this interview I heard with a 15 year old who was raised on an anarchist eco commune. She was taught about trees, plants, soil types, and general ecology her whole life.

If she learned something well enough to be considered an expert in it (for example, tree care), she was treated like an expert by everyone in the commune, even if she was only twelve at the time.

Septiembre de 1974, la anarquista chilena Flora Sanhueza moría en un hospital de santiago. Flora se definía como una anarquista expropiadora. En el año 1935 decide viajar a españa donde, posteriormente, se integrará a la columna Durruti, luchadora en la resistencia antinazi en Francia, internada en campos de concentración. De regreso a chile funda el Ateneo Libertario y la Escuela Libertaria Luisa Michel para hijos e hijas de la clase trabajadora, en septiembre de 1973 fue detenida por los militares fascistas después del golpe de estado de Pinochet. La encerraron en el campo de concentración de Pisagua, donde fue sometida a brutales torturas y la violaron delante de su hijo. Flora tenía 63 años. Su cuerpo no aguantó los maltratos sistemáticos a los que la someterion los fascistas pinochetistas.

July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

Imagine a Native American community who had a Disneyland-like resort built over their villages and ancestor's graves, the people made to do bastardizations of their sacred dances, wear mock 'sexy feather headresses' and entertain the rich tourists for starvation wages, 12 hours a day 7 days a week, living sardine-packed 20-to-a-house. And then be arrested for speaking their own language. It'd be an outrage, right? But that is just everyday life, in US-colonized Hawaii

July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

I'm Native Hawaiian and homeless in my own land. Literally don't know where my family and I will be living at the end of this month.

While American and other foreign billionaires own countless mansions and unoccupied multi-million dollar condos here.

Fuck colonialism and fuck capitalism.

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These people from DRC works for big tech companies in the world like Lockheed Martin, Boeng, Apple, Huawei and Samsung.

Laying down in bed at 8.30pm because anarchy

I like riding on classic ICs, because sometimes I can look out on the back windows of the last car

Thousands of Maasai men clad in red and purple shawls and with their heads coated in red ochre gathered in Kenya this week for a ceremony that transforms them from warriors to elders.

Kenya's Maasai gather for once-in-a-decade ceremony to turn warriors into elders | Reuters reuters.com/article/uk-kenya-m

My ultimate dream is to live in a cottage and work at a library... maybe some day; I am already getting ready to study library science, so I am definitely working towards that.

I like the version without the full background, so I am uploading that one too.
I guess it is sort of a self portrait?
#MastoArt #DigitalPainting #queerartist

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other. I was in a mood.

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