[Bangladesh] Dragon Group tries to silence protests: Since we published our message in solidarity with workers of Dragon Sweater Factory -Bangladesh fighting off dismissals and unpaid wages, our Asia working group has received a complaint letter from th... icl-cit.org/bangladesh-dragon-

New ICL Secretary: Mahmoud Homsy of the FAU takes over as the new ICL Secretary after Miguel Perez of the CNT successfully completes his two-year term. At the inaugural ICL Congress in Parma in 2018, the sections agreed... icl-cit.org/new-icl-secretary/

Solidarity with School Teachers in Greece: The Greek government passed a new education bill in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown that will worsen the already bad situation at schools in Greece for both teachers and student. The ICL expresses i... icl-cit.org/solidarity-with-sc

Dragon Sweater Factory (Bangladesh) must reinstate workers and pay unpaid wages: GWTUC (Garment Workers’ Trade Union Centre) is a union that brings together workers in the massive garment industry in Bangladesh. As you can see from their call below, 6,000 of their members ha... icl-cit.org/dragon-sweater-fac

Against the Terror of Anti-Terror: Comrades of the Bandilang Itim collective asked us to help disseminate the below article on a so called Anti-Terror Bill to be passed on the Philippines and its implications. Bandilang Itim means Blac... icl-cit.org/against-the-terror

[IWW] Solidarity with the uprising happening across the U.S.A.: The Industrial Workers of the World and Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee are in solidarity with the uprising happening across the U.S.A. The recent murders of George Floyd in Minnesota, Ahmau... icl-cit.org/iww-solidarity-wit

Victory of Workers at Myan Mode!: Since the International Conference of Labor Unions in the Garment Industry in Colombo (Sri Lanka) in February this year, comrades of the ICL have been following the struggle of garment workers in diff... icl-cit.org/victory-of-workers

Support your local Black Lives Matter uprising: There are an unprecedented number of uprisings related to the Black Lives Matter movement currently occurring throughout the United States. The Industrial Workers of the World was founded on a commitm... icl-cit.org/support-your-local

[FORA] Special transmission of the Argentine Regional Workers Federation for the Conquest of Bread.: This May 1st is not like others; but, it is the spirit of our ideas and of our comrades who began in 1886 a feat of the working class, which leads us to demonstrate once again. This time we will expre... icl-cit.org/fora-special-trans

Fill the strike fund: Migrant strike in Valencia enters its eighth week: Since 25 February, the workers at the factory of Productos Florida SA near Valencia, Spain, have been on an indefinite strike. The main demand of the workers is that all pseudo self-employed workers g... icl-cit.org/fill-the-strike-fu

May Day: Solidarity despite the quarantine: May Day finds us locked down and quarantined. In many countries around the world, the working class will be confined during International Workers’ Day. At any rate, large rallies will be banned. Above... icl-cit.org/may-day-solidarity

Coronavirus: Let’s not go back to normal!: It’s difficult writing about Covid-19 from Madrid, one of the hardest hit towns in the world. The death toll in the region alone is higher than for the whole of China. Officials say it’s slowly improv... icl-cit.org/coronavirus-lets-n

Dealing with the corona crisis: ICL mobilizes worldwide: With the corona crisis, the world has suddenly entered a new phase of intense class struggle. This is impressively documented by a map of (for the most part) wildcat strikes related to corona. The ICL... icl-cit.org/dealing-with-the-c

Actions in support of FGWM-MYANMAR, solidarity can’t be quarantined!: The Federation of Garment Workers Union-Myanmar (FGWM) is a very militant federation of grassroots and class unions that brings together thousands of workers in the garment industry in Myanmar. The In... icl-cit.org/actions-in-support

Sri Lanka] Distressing situation for thousands of people in industrial areas: The International Confederation of Labour (ICL) has received the following statement, which we subscribe, from our comrades in Dabindu Collective, from Sri Lanka. The situation of thousands of works i... icl-cit.org/sri-lanka-distress

[Spain] CNT demands that the Spanish Government takes measures to protect and support workers: CNT has presented a 15-point list demanding that all non-essential productive activities where working from home is not possible are stopped, that the essential sectors are reinforced and that social ... icl-cit.org/spain-cnt-demands-

[Italy] Statement by USI-CIT health workers: At least 37 billion euros, or 43,000 workers, which means the loss of 70,000 beds, including 3,000 in intensive care. In recent years, these have been the cutbacks to the healthcare system. For years,... icl-cit.org/italy-statement-by

Shop stewards’ joint statement (OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza and NSZZ „Solidarność”): On March 20 we took part in a teleconference with Amazon. The company presented to us its proposal of a bonus of 4 złoty before taxes (0.61 euro net) for every hour worked between March 15 and April 3... icl-cit.org/shop-stewards-join

[Argentina] About CORONAVIRUS and the Working Class: From the FORA health workers: First of all, we need to be aware that, in Argentina, Coronavirus is not the only pandemic we’re going through: the number of cases of dengue have tripled since 2019 and ... icl-cit.org/argentina-about-co

[Italy] Strike in Ferrari: The local branch of USI-CIT in Modena is calling a Strike on Monday 16th March at Ferrari’s plant in Maranello because of the current health emergency (due to coronavirus). Despite the fact that most ... icl-cit.org/italy-strike-in-fe

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