I used to keep a list of accounts and more that were (shadow)banned on Twitter & co on my old account:

Instead of reposting all these on this account, I'll maintain that list at a new place:

I think that's easier to point to than a Masto thread that probably didn't federate properly.

Hit me up if you have additions!

So far it has RSS, tags will follow and probably a nice design. Also I'll start to add screenshots.

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@tofuwabohu hey our domain got blocked from fb/insta..we are a free coworking-platform vor environmental and social changemakers. So far no one can refer from fb/insta to our plattform and recommend it as an alternative coworking and networking platform #CSMblock #jitsi #facebooklöschen

@wechange They really don't like the competition apparently. I'm a bit behind with adding stuff to the page, but I'll put it there eventually, thanks for letting me know!

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