I think is ready to take a few users! :bookwyrm: is a Bookwyrm instance inspired by the planet Anarress from Ursula LeGuin's The Dispossessed.

If you read the description and CoC and think it fits you, feel free to ask for an invite link! I'll do my best to enforce the CoC. Also, I hereby announce that I will make generous use of the deferation feature once it's working in production to keep assholes off and keep the community nice. :trebuchet:

is a federated reading platform (think Goodreads). It's in an very early state, so expect things to break - but imho it already works nicely and is enjoyable thanks to @tripofmice :fediverse: 📚

The amazing artwork for is a commission from @sajan, thank you so much! 🎨

@tofuwabohu Is it only for book-books or would academic articles or other texts also be welcome?

@Mellifloss Hm, in general I'd say that's perfectly fine, but books are imported from and I'm not sure on how broad their definition of a book is. Books can be added manually to too, but it uses the same data structure as open library, not sure if articles fit that and you would likely have to enter each article you are reading manually. If they are published in journals, maybe a journal could be a book, but then, the reading functionality would be a bit weird as it assumes one reads the whole thing. Dunno really, sorry! I You could probably try it if you want?

@tofuwabohu I see, thank you for the response! :D It looks like it wouldn't quite suit the purposes I had in mind, but it looks like a fun platform so I'll keep it in mind for if I start having time to read regular books more often again 😆

@tofuwabohu @tripofmice @sajan First of all, thanks to the crew and everyone involved for their efforts!

If still possible, I'd like to get an invite.

If it is possible I would like an invite, I've been looking for goodreads alternative with a *real* community.

@tofuwabohu Is this the unofficial bookwyrm instance? 😝

Am I still in time for an invite?

Love the logo from @sajan !

Beside, funny enough, I've researching stuff about The Dispossessed and Le Guin in general in the last couple of weeks.

@tofuwabohu heyho, I've read the website description and CoC and I'm still not sure how the influence of The Dispossessed is acted out in practice. Is this some kind of LeGuin centered community or SFF-centered, does it use terminology from the book or is there even some kind of roleplay involved?

@Kiki Hi, don't worry about it too much! Originally I used some more terminology in the descriptions (referring to users as Odonians etc), but I didn't want to narrow the instance down too much. I'll keep using the circle of life for stuff and may include some more references here and then, but it's nothing obligatory. Folks can make what they want out of it.

@tofuwabohu then I'd like to have an invite please, if they're still available.

@tofuwabohu this sounds up my street! Could I get an invite please?

@tofuwabohu I'm so excited to see that #Bookwyrm is progressing! I look forward to eventually hosting my own instance. 😁
@tofuwabohu This idea seems very interesting. I do not read at the rate as man of my friends do, but I do enjoy a good book.

I'd be interested in creating an account. Send me a link to try our the software.


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